The works of Bob Gillespie

"Tennessee Waterfowl Stamp" 1981- 82

Well known for his artistic talent in outdoor paintings of water fowl, 

Bob Gillespie's work has been featured by the state of Tennessee.


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World's Largest Collection of Judy Larson originals and 

artist's personal collection of very rare AP's and Early Works.

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first ever Fine Art Limited Edition Giclée Canvas

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Beyond Negotiations

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Mining Marigolds

Art collectors have never seen anything like the phenomenon of Bev Doolittle's Fine Art Limited Edition Prints. It is only natural that the artist who gained such renown for reproductions of her original paintings would return to the arts in the form of original, hand-pulled, stone lithographs. 


With some editions set at as few as 100 pieces, these original lithos are already "rare." The imagery reflects the artist's love of horses, passion for the natural world and her affinity for the Native American's spiritual relationship to the land. These Original Stone Lithographs are an exciting peek into the creative "sandbox" where Bev Doolittle continues to explore these themes.


Powers of One


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Gallery George welcomes new artist

Frank McCarthy



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